I am creating (programming) my own home automation system. It will consist of 3 apps:

  • Client app, which will communicate (update) database in the cloud
  • Server on Raspberry pi, which will listen to database changes and control ESP8266 modules in case of database change
  • ESP8266 app, which will communicate with Raspberry Pi (by which it will be controlled)

Communication between Raspberry Pi and ESP8266 will be via TCP socket. It will have custom binary communication protocol, but will be similar to MQTT...
Entire system is designed as open source, but it is supposed to work in homes, so nothing "big" and public...ESP8266 will not communicate in any way via internet (but will be connected to router with connection to internet). Raspberry Pi will be connected to same router and only communication via internet will be with database... And now I have question...If it will use local network, does it need to have secured communication between ESP8266 and Raspberry Pi in some way? And if so, can anyone give me some hint (eg. link to article about it)?

Thanks! :)

  • Just because it's not directly connected to the internet doesn't mean you shouldn't secure it. Look at things like Ikea's hub, that uses COAP over DTLS between the app and the hub even though it's all on the lan.
    – hardillb
    Feb 21 at 18:10

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