I'm looking for a way to reply on a custom command with a custom text in Google Assistant.
E.g. "Hey Google, what's the temperature in my Living Room?" - "In your living Room you have 22°C"

Solution's I tried so far:

Dialogflow/Actions SDK:

  • The Problem with this Solution is, that I either need to use the Prefix : "Hey Google Ask Temperature App, what's the temperature in my Living Room" or with Deep Link I need to answer a second question:
    "Hey Google what's the temp",
    "Do You want to use the Temperature App to answer this question?"
    "Starting the Test version of Temperature App. The Temperature is ...."

  • The second Problem is that Google always answers the commands with "I'm launching the test version of Temperature App". To Remove this annoying monolog I need to deploy the App. However I don't want that everyone has access to the temperature of my Rooms.

IFTTT + esp8266-google-home-notifier

  • IFTTT supports custom commands, but the custom answer with esp8266-google-home-notifier can only be sent to one specific device.

Tasker's AutoVoice

  • Same Problem as the Actions SDK. "Ask AutoVoice to, <custom command>"

Has anyone any idea what I could try next? And yes, I know alexa (and even siri) can do this without any problems.

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You can do it with Node-RED and the Node-RED Google Assistant Bridge

Sensor Example discussed here

You will need something like a Raspberry Pi to run Node-RED, and sensors that can be queried from Node-RED, so ESP8266 sensors with either HTTP or MQTT would work well.

Full disclosure, I wrote/run the Node-RED Google Assistant Bridge.

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