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Is there an existing web API to control my D-Link cloud camera instead of using the mydlink Android app? I've check the D-Link forums and they're not very helpful...

By control I'd like at minima

  • Change scene
  • Turn on/off privacy status
  • Orient camera
  • Get camera's privacy status

I recently bought a DCS-8525LH in replacement of my old autonomous Dlink camera. Unfortunately all actions are now bound to a single android app called MyDlink doing all the stuff

  • Turning on/off the camera's privacy settings
  • Orienting
  • Detecting movement on/off

There are google assistant/alexa interaction but I want webservices and other automatic behavior. IFTTT is possible but it only uses Movement detection as trigger and On/off switches (not camera) as actions.

I saw a github project only showing connected camera to my account and their status that's all.

With a webservice or something more automatable (even Android INTENT if possible), I'd like to

  • Turn on/off movement detection
  • Orient the camera to a prefixed location
  • Get on/off movement detection status

I'll manage myself videos, snapshots and alerts.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

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    please ask a specific, answerable question
    – jsotola
    Jul 8 at 4:03
  • try contacting dlink and see if they are willing to share the API with you. Jul 8 at 17:18

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