I'm configuring a rpi3 with Ubuntu Core Appliance OpenHAB (version 3.1 is the latest version of OH).

When I connect my usb adapter for z-wave (z-stick gen5), Ubuntu recognise the USB and serial line as /dev/ttyACM0, but when I try to use it from OH I see some dmesg with error access permission.

I enabled hot-plug experimental feature of snapd, and then connecte the serial-server plug of OH snap to the specific device in snapd:aeotec-zstickgen5, but the access permision continues.

Can anyone help me with that? Has someone connected an usb or serial device to OH using Ubuntu Core before?

Note that Ubuntu Core doesn't allow to configure ACL for users by design, and also it doesn't allow you to install snaps as --classic (only as --dev, but it is not a valid solution for me)


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