I would like to use my alexa as a speaker for my (windows)pc. My pc doesnt have bluetooth and alexa is not directly connected to my pc. Since the alexa is connected to the same router (via wifi) as my pc(via ethernet), I was wondering if I could play audio over the wifi.

What I've tried:

  1. The alexa website, alexa.amazon.com
  2. try to view the speaker (alexa) within my network settings

What I've checked through: https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/29566/how-can-i-stream-audio-from-my-phone-over-wifi-to-a-speaker-or-receiver

  • Have you checked the cost of a bluetooth USB adapter for the PC ? You may find it surprisingly affordable. – kalyanswaroop Jul 19 at 4:04
  • yes I have checked out some bluetooth adapters. I was wondering if it would be possible without buying anything first – green bobcat Jul 19 at 12:54

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