I cannot find how to send command to my Tasmota DHT11 device via MQTT Broker.

I'm using mqtt.js library in Nodejs.

var mqtt = require('mqtt');
var topic = 'cmnd/tasmota_E30D62/';
var client = mqtt.connect('mqtt://localhost:1883');

client.on('connect', function(){

    //subscription to topic
    client.subscribe(topic, function(){
        client.on('message', function(topic, message, packet){
            console.log('Received ' + message + ' on topic ' + topic);

    //publish a message to topic
    client.publish(topic, '', function(){
        console.log('message is published');

I can see that the message is going to my MQTT broker, and then send to the right topic. I can see that in the Tasmota Console.

In the Tasmota Console, if I run 'Status 10', I got the data I'm targeting. When I run my NodeJS script including the same message, I got the log :

MQT: stat/tasmota_E30D62/RESULT = {"Command":"Unknown"}

So what message, should I send to get the data from my Tasmota sensor as an answer in my NodeJS ?


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