I'm using Amazon Alexa (Voice Assistance) and Google Calendar, I'm wondering if I can dynamically connect my calendar to my smart lights to

  • turn on to orange 2 mins before the meeting
  • turn on to red 1 mins before the meeting
  • reset back to white when the meeting starts


I was trying to use IFTTT applets to achieve that, but they only have 15m,30m,1h ... early before the meeting. It is too early for a warning for me. 🤨

enter image description here

I can achieve the above logic in Alexa routines but only if I know the exact time of the meeting, and that meeting will not change like my stand-up meeting.

But it won't work with any other meetings which could be anytime between 9-5 pm.

I also have Samsung Smart Things, and I have iOS Shortcuts, and I should look into any of those, please advise.


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