I've been using a few of the device of the same model for several months. While they've been working great, one of them recently started showing strange behavior that I cannot find defined in the user manual. See the video I took and uploaded on my Google Drive.

  • It seems to me the light pattern is undefined in the manual (Some red and many white bli).
  • Triggered factory reset (hold a button for 15 seconds) didn't seem to change the behavior.
  • It used to be included in Z-Wave gateway (Home Assistant via ZWaveJS) and reporting well, but not anymore. The device doesn't even seem to trigger inclusion mode.

Anyone has ideas of what's going on? I want to see if it's malfunctioning (so that I should ask the manufacturer's support).

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    yes it is malfunctioning ... call tech support
    – jsotola
    Dec 28, 2022 at 2:29

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Thanks @jsotola for patting my shoulder to talk to the manufacturer, who's also confirming (final confirmation going on) that this is malfunctioning.

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