I'm trying to setup a system, so when my windows are open, my radiator valve (in that room) turns off. And vice verca.

I have Google Assistant and SmartThings setup in my house.

I can see, that several thermostat controls have their own eco-system (I don't have any experience and I'm not connected to either):

They all come with their own bridges, hubs and/or apps (eco-systems).
I purchased two Tado-thermostats and tried to set it up in the SmartThings-app, but it says 'Device not recognized' (or something like that), when I try to add it.

I'm based in Denmark and I have a Danfoss radiator valve(s).

Considering all of that, then these are my options/considerations:

Option 1: Just having several eco-systems in my house

That means, having the SmartThings sensors to monitor when the windows are open/closed - and then figure out a way to send a signal to the Tado hub/switches, when that happens.

This seems suboptimal and error-prone.

I did find this guide here, which apparently is a Tado-SmartThings integration.
It seems quite technical, but maybe that is the way.

Option 2: Find a thermostat compatible with SmartThings

I've Googled and Googled and Googled; and I can't find any that is obviously compatible. For each of the radiator valves, it always says: 'Compatible with Google Assistant', but never points out if it's compatible (or incompatible) with SmartThings.

I've also tried checking in the app, to click 'Add device'. I can find some devices and brands, but not any obvious clear threads to follow:

SmartThings radiator valve and thermostats

For instance, you can see that Netatmo is listed under 'Thermostat'. But that is sold with it's own hub. So does that mean that SmartThings can talk to the Netatmo-hub or can I also control the individual Netatmo radiator valves from SmartThings (which would be necessary, since that's where the starting-conditions (the window sensors) would be set up. Hmm, hmm, hmm!! So many questions.

Option 3: Send command to Google Assistant from SmartThings

Since Tado is setup to Google Assistant, and SmartThings are linked to Google Assistant; I was thinking that I maybe could setup a SmartThings-routine that executed an 'Experimental Voice Command' via Google Assistant, when the window was opened. But I can't seem to send anything that way (SmartThings -> Google Assistant) in my setup.

This too feels fragile and error-prone, - even if I got it to work.

Option 4: Finding another eco-system that has both window-sensors and radiator valves

Just scrapping SmartThings for this operation, setting up the entire thing in another system.
Tado doesn't have window sensors.
It appears that Netatmo does, but I feel I'm making my home into a Frankenstein monster, by going this way.


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