I have a simple iot app:

raspberry pi 4
aeotec Z-stick7
aeotec aërQ temp/humidity sensor

The setup works fine, yet state changes are not being reported so often.

Yesterday evening, circa 23:00, the sensor reported 22.7 degrees to zwave-js-ui. This morning, circa 08:00, 19.2 degrees. No reports in between.

These measurements are accurate, however, the temperature will have fallen gradually during the night (the sensor is placed near a window that was opened partially at around 23:00 and the outdoor temperature sank till circa 8 degrees last night).

The log in the zwave-js-ui webapp registers no events between 23:00 yesterday and 08:00 today.

I'm guessing I need to tweek the parameter [3-112-0-1] Temperature Change Report Threshold?, which appears under Control Panel -> Node -> Configuration v4

screenshot of zwave-js-ui

But to what?

I'd like reports at least every degree of change.

It's worth pointing out that I get reports if I quick push the button on the sensor.

I found this post https://github.com/zwave-js/node-zwave-js/issues/2595, suggesting that this was an issue on older versions, called zwavejs2mqtt. The issue was unresolved, closed as stale.

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    maybe the 0.1 is incorrect and is in reality 1.0 ... try setting the threshold to 1
    – jsotola
    Oct 16, 2023 at 18:06
  • Yes, that seems to help; i'll monitor a bit more this evening then repost here. Do you want to make it an answer I can accept? Or I can do it later.
    – minisaurus
    Oct 17, 2023 at 17:26

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Perhaps there is an error in the software, and the resolution is not 0.1, but it is 1.0.

Setting the threshold to 1 may reveal such an error.

  • This solution worked on my Ubuntu 22.04 laptop. However, on my raspeberry pi (debian) the zwave-js-ui interface will not save the parameter when I change it to 1. Highly frustrating. It's the pi that will be the "production" machine. I wonder if I set the parameter to '0' (disable) this will allow the device to report all changes?
    – minisaurus
    Oct 18, 2023 at 16:48
  • Now also working on my pi; seems like I have to save the setting 2-3 times for the software to work out that I'm serious about this :)
    – minisaurus
    Oct 23, 2023 at 19:09

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