I am searching for hardware to help me get started with passive NFC Java Card 3.2 technology.
I can't find badges or tags or any kind of NFC product that advertises running Java Card 3.2.
I couldn't find anything on oracle.com, but is there an industry coalition or standards body with an information page, or OEM registry, or marketplace with clearly labeled breadcrumbs?

  1. Does a Java Card 3.2 product even exists?

  2. How else might I be able to obtain a device that perhaps could be modified (easily? 😬) to run Java Card?

  3. Are any companies working on a passive NFC Java Card 3.2 product?

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    ACS have JavaCard 3.0.4 cards. You could ask them about 3.2.
    – jcaron
    Mar 29 at 22:40


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