The camera in question is a Ring Stick Up Cam. I want to add an additional layer of security and prevent anyone from peeking (listening) into my home.

I thought that it might be good if I could set up some kind of IP whitelist, so only requests from authorized sources would get through towards the camera.

I have a ZTE Speedport Entry 2i router + modem by my Internet provider (Hungarian manual just for the picture) (English manual it seems to be the same device).

Is this a reasonable idea and if so how could someone set up such service for an IP camera?


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Have to start out by saying, this will have to take place on the router. I looked into the camera, but it simply seems to be too manufacturer set to be able to run a crack that complex on. Perhaps if you did some firmware replacement you could manage, but not simply.

With your particular router, it appears that you can. I don't actually have your router, so I could be reading the documentation wrong, but it appears that you should be able to. IF I'm reading right, follow these steps: (adapted from cosmote documentation)

  1. Go under Internet > Security > Filter Criteria.
  2. Select the radio button on beside URL filter.
  3. Select New Item.
  4. Type in any name and the IP of your camera and Apply.
  5. Click IP filter - IPV4 to open the IPV4 filters page.
  6. Edit the settings under Destination IP and Source IP range to match your requirements.

I could be wrong, but that appears to be the method. :) You might have to apply multiple rules to rule out all but the IP's you want: I'm not sure.

If you are unable to block all traffic except the IP you want on your router, the answer is, no, it is not possible, short of buying a new router.

Hope it works!

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