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With the advent of several devices that are now considered wearables (fitbits, snapchat spectacles, apple watch, etc) are these devices considered IoT? Does it depend on the type of connectivity? For ...
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Would interconnected spaceships be part of IoT? [duplicate]

Because mankind is probably going to become an interplanetary civilization during this century: Would a spaceship using quantum teleportation hardware that provides IPv6 connectivity between its ...
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Raspberry Pi Monitor: Qualify as IoT device? [duplicate]

Not sure if this is the right platform (please let me know any recommendations if not), but I made a display monitor in the Raspberry Pi to pull in information such as news feeds, weather, local news ...
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What exactly does the internet of things encompass? [duplicate]

When I think of the Internet of things, I think of fairly low bandwidth devices connected to the internet. That could be automotive telematics, medical devices, building monitoring, factory sensors,...
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What is the difference between IoT and "Industry 4.0"?

When reading about IoT, I often stumble upon the phrase "Industry 4.0". But what is the exact definition of it? Is "Industry 4.0" just a phrase for an IoT application in an industrial environment?
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Are drones considered part of the IoT by any officials?

To clarify what classifies a device as IoT on a specific example, are all flying drones (UAV) part of the Internet of Things? Or there is some minimum requirement to classify it as IoT? What's the ...
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In IoT, Is it necessary to involve single-boards such as Raspberry Pi as the only communication devices?

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What are the differences between MQTT, HTTP, CoAP devices (besides communication protocol)? [closed]

I am new to IoT platform and after days of reading I am still confused about different types of IoT devices. Currently, I have read about smart devices that connect to the cloud through different ways ...
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Is Google home an IoT Device or a WSN base station?

They say Google home is an IoT device but it has the ability to control other devices like lights, Air conditioners, etc. (in smart homes) which is more like a base station in the Wireless sensor ...
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Minimum IoT scope? Example: Is a car an IoT already by itself? [closed]

A car can be considered a "thing" in an Internet of Things. It does provide operational data to its manufacturer, is able to do emergency calls, can receive remote updates, etc. Looking at ...
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