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For questions about IoT devices powered by or controlling of AC power (mains electricity). This includes devices like smart plugs, smart sockets or smart power switches. Only use when the smart aspect is important, do not use for every device that is AC powered.

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How to setup “my” AC on Alexa?

So I setup Alexa with multiple smart home ACs, one in my room and another in the guest room. I’ve given the name as Guest Room AC for that, and mine is Mohsin’s AC. But when I come home and say “Alexa,...
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Connecting Shelly i4 into existing circuit

I'm trying to connect a Shelly Plus i4 into an existing circuit by replacing a wall-switch. Getting it in there was no problem, but everything getting power is. Having it wired according to the ...
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Hardware to wire ESP32 directly to 110VAC? [closed]

I'd like to fit an ESP32 directly into a single gang (North American) electrical box with enough room left over to fit a typical light switch over the top of it (these are usually pretty shallow, and ...
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Any devices that do what the Sonoff Mini R2 does, but is UL rated?

I have 2 Sonoff Mini R2's installed as a part of some remodeling work I'm doing on my house: What I love about these devices is that they allow you to turn any dumb toggle switch (what Sonoff refers ...
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Mains circuit phase balancing relay?

I am looking for a device, like a special relay that would allow me to dynamically switch/move some of my home appliances between the 3 phases that I have on my mains circuit. Is this possible? The ...
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Monitor plug socket remote from desktop PC

Planning a one off party event that involves turning mains lights on/off and then playing media on a PC connected screen. It need not be very fast and doesn't need to use internet but WiFi is ...
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UL-certified WiFi Wall Switch

I'm looking for a UL-certified WiFi wall switch for programming network effects in Python. UL-certified Wall-mounted Mains-powered 2+ physical switches Python-programmable. I want to program some ...
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How to replace a on-the-wire switch by a smart device?

I would like to replace this with a smart, Wi-Fi enabled device (Zigbee could be OK as well) that I could also command from Home Assistant. I would absolutely like to retain the capacity to switch ...
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Linky - EDF - Backfeeding feature

In France they are deploying Linky Line Meters. If in a future state energy store/home energy production becomes more mainstream, are there built features of this device to measure current that is ...
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How to detect current flow in a live wire running at 220V AC, using Esp32

I have a project planned which is related to home automation. I want to be able to control the lights using an app on phone while also maintaining full manual switch control in case the relay or ...
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Control electric plug remotely

I have an electric water pump, which I want to control over the internet. Currently I know that smart plugs can be used but this requires me to be in the same WiFi network. Are there any smart plugs ...
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Are there any 'minimal' power meter data loggers?

I mean, a device that will just read, persist, and then push the data to a (my) server without having to buy a 3rd party software license. The data being, in this case, electrical generation/...
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What is the working voltage range of a Sonoff Touch?

I would like to replace normal (mechanical) switches at home with Sonoff Touch ones, which I will be able to manage. Today I have this: and by adding the Sonoff Touch I will have that (P1 is the ...
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Z-Wave switches with 2-way switched lights?

I'm looking for a set of Z-Wave (preferably Z-Wave Plus) components to use in order to merge two 2-way light switch circuits and allow control of both lights from all switch positions. I've looked at ...
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How can I stop my Philips Hue bulbs resetting to full brightness after a power cut?

According to this comment on Reddit, Philips Hue bulbs reset to 100% brightness after any power interruption (e.g. a power cut, switching the physical light switch off then on, etc). This does seem ...
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Wiring regulations for self made electrical equipment (UK)

There are various intrusive wiring regulations in the UK. If I want to wire up a light extension I'm required to have this done by a suitably qualified person, or if I do it myself get it approved by ...
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European Union Regulations for Smart Plugs

If I want my smart plug design to be a commercial product in the EU it must surely meet some requirements, regulations or directives. I know about the CE (Conformité Européenne) marking, which is ...
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Is there a way to turn on large numbers of IoT devices remotely?

I have a lot of IoT devices that I am currently working on (read playing with). One of my biggest headaches is turning on the ones I need without climbing under my desk and plugging in a lot of wires. ...
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How do I shut down IoT devices without a power button?

A lot of devices, such as connected fridges, security cameras, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos and my Nest thermostat don't have power buttons. What is the preferred way to disconnect them from power? What ...
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