Questions tagged [actuators]

Questions about IoT mechanisms capable of moving or changing their surroundings (e.g. activating power or light switches). If the device only monitors changes, consider the [sensors] tag instead.

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Determine state before publish

I have a mosquitto MQTT broker on a Raspberry Pi. I have some topics from a client in this format SolutionCommand/state as an array 110001. In other hand I can invoke some publish topics like ...
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Blind actuator end positions

Looking at a new electronic shading system for my flat I was wondering how blind actuators generally work. I know they switch between the two phases (L -> down, L' -> up) depending on the 2-button ...
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Would there be an IoT use cases where sensor and actuation are at two different locations [closed]

I am thinking of application that if there is fire or machine failure at remote location, then some action (like an alarm or emergency light) is taken at a different location. (Like a control or ...
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Looking for IoT (or general) platforms which can trigger actuators

I'm relatively new to working on IoT, so I'm also a bit ignorant on the subject. I have a system, like most IoT systems, that consists of several sensors and actuators on a field. Simplifying, these ...
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Looking for a very low volume solenoid/water dripper [closed]

I need a way of dispensing a drop of water from an electronic signal, and am wondering if there are any devices which can do this cheaply. The volume doesn't need to be particularly precise, but I'm ...
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Is the Subscriber-Publisher pattern applicable also to actuators?

There are tons of tutorials on the web, especially with RabbitMQ, on how to publish sensor data; for example, temperature, humidity, etc. Just publish the value to a message queue and anybody can ...
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