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Is Google home an IoT Device or a WSN base station?

They say Google home is an IoT device but it has the ability to control other devices like lights, Air conditioners, etc. (in smart homes) which is more like a base station in the Wireless sensor ...
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5 votes
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Scanning for Device

What kind of technology does the Google Home and Amazon Echo/Dot use when you set up the device for the first time and their respective apps "scan for device" before they're connected to Wifi? I'm ...
8 votes
1 answer

Privacy with Voice Assistants

I am interested in getting a Smart Home system with a good voice assistant, but my wife refuses to allow a voice assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa because she does not want ANY recordings ...
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Is there a Linux distro (à la Open/DD WRT) for smart speakers?

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home are starting to become common. Is there a community effort to create an open source Linux firmware that can be run on them? I am thinking to something ...
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What will the Apple HomePod be able to do?

A friend told me that Apple is finally releasing a competitor for the Google Home and the Amazon Echo, called the Apple Homepod. A lively discussion ensued, in which several people were quite certain ...
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Protocols used to control Google Home and Amazon Echo speakers

Smart assistant products Google Home as well as Amazon Echo have companion apps to control the respective devices from smartphones. What are the application level protocols that are used to control ...
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Can the Amazon Echo and Google Home interact and be used together?

Can an Amazon Echo and Google Home coexist and interact? We have an Amazon Echo which we use for simple on-off control at home. We want to also get a Google Home for another room to test out. Can ...
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