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Questions tagged [android-things]

For questions about the Android Things platform (formerly Project Brillo), including hardware and SDK questions.

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12 votes
2 answers

Android things create Wi-Fi access point to configure device

I need to send Wi-Fi credentials to my Android Things headless device via a mobile app. As it is right now, the device advertises on Bluetooth, the mobile app connects to device and sends Wi-Fi ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Power Consumption Benchmarks of Different Android Things SoMs?

I'd be grateful if anyone could publish some results of some (even one is good) Android Things compatible SoMs (System On Modules, see here) power consumption benchmark (data for idle, and under load, ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Mobile network on Android Things SoM?

I want to build an Android Things device that can report its location via mobile network (4G LTE, LTE-M if possible, 3G & 2G). How can I plug such a mobile modem and connect it properly down to ...
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Using smartphone as a Zigbee end node

I am looking for a "presence" solution with in a 3-5 meter radius. It can be a always connected device or a beacon type (just transmitting signals periodically. It is does not need to be ...
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Open, Write and read RS232 port Android Studio

I have to do a project with an industrial android screen that consists among other things to open, write and read a serial port. I clarify that my device has rs232 ports (I think that the classic ...
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