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Questions tagged [apple-homekit]

For questions about the Apple HomeKit home automation system, accessories compatible with the system and controllers for the HomeKit framework. This tag may also be used for questions about any HomeKit APIs/development tools.

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Monitor Eufy Homebase from iPhone Apple Home?

I have a Eufy Homebase 2 with 6 EufyCam 2C and a wired doorbell connected. The Homebase is setup as a “room” in Apple HomeKit. The Homebase is Ethernet connected to Xfinity new router, with wifi ...
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Create Light Switch with HAP-NodeJS, MQTT and fail safe

I'm trying to get into setting up my own home automation. I've already setup HAP-NodeJS & MQTT on a raspberry and I've flashed a esp01 with NodeMCU. What I want to do is create a light switch with ...
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Is it possible to implement the HomeKit Accessory Protocol directly on an Arduino or some other microcontroller without the need for a bridge

It seems that all solutions involving homekit make use of a bridge server, so I am confused as to why none of the setups that I can find are implementing homekit directly on the microcontroller. Is ...
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Home app unavailable devices

With iOS home app, I’m seeing that all the devices on a particular bridge sometimes go offline until I restart my HomePod Mini. I know they’re not offline, since the HomePod turns them on or off with ...
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HomeKit + KNX / industry standard bridge

I am relatively new to home automation and was wondering what would be the industry standard bridge to make KNX homes work with HomeKit. I am primarily interested in understanding features, cost ...
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