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For questions about the battery systems used to power IoT devices. Use this tag where the battery is the focus of the question, not just if your device HAS a battery.

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How to use a tp4056 and a lithium battery on an esp8266

I am new to IOT and I would like to have your opinion on my wiring, I want to power my project with a lithium battery for that I use a tp4056 to charge my battery but also to power my breadboard I ...
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Battery powered MCU with accelerometers and LTE-COMS, looking for products

I've made a question previously but I did not give enough background info so here it goes: I have been developing a prototype for measuring ground vibrations using three MEMS-accelerometers together ...
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Can I ship the product (internationally) with LiPo battery included?

I want to distribute an IoT product commercially. The product is powered by LiPo battery (3.7V nominal) ‎which is charged by solar panel (6V, 2W). ‎ My question is can I ship the product (...
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IFTTT: Use trigger from one applet with ingredient from another applet?

(I'm not sure if an question about IFTTT automation via Android is better suited to Stack Overflow, or Android Stack Exchange, or here, so I figure I'll try here first ...I'm surprised there's no "...
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How do I check whether a LTE network supports CAT M1?

LTE CAT M1 is a low power communication channel for LTE networks designed for IoT use. How do I check whether a network supports it or not? Carriers' help desk does not know anything about CAT M1. ...
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What can I do when the AWS IoT Button runs out of charge?

The AWS IoT Button (Amazon link) is intriguing, but I saw something quite concerning in the FAQ: How long will the battery last? The battery should last for approximately 1,000 presses. When the ...
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Z-Wave Device ID changes in Domoticz when battery is changed

When my Z-Wave door sensor's battery ran out, I changed it and checked if it still appeared in my Domoticz interface. The problem is that my device changed its ID and I had to redo all the trigger ...
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Battery backup for small IoT devices?

I'm making a number of small devices such as temperature sensors, RF433 transmitter and receiver (for controlling and receiving devices => MQTT) mostly using EPS8266. They work fine, and are USB ...
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Can I send my GSM IoT device via airpost? [closed]

Is legal to send my GSM IoT device which is powered by a ~2000 mAh (3.7 V) lithium polymer (LiPo) battery via air post? (Or even take it with me inside my suitcase?) Also does it make a difference if ...
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How do I shut down IoT devices without a power button?

A lot of devices, such as connected fridges, security cameras, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos and my Nest thermostat don't have power buttons. What is the preferred way to disconnect them from power? What ...
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