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For questions about beacons, which are devices which broadcast unique identifiers to their environment via Bluetooth.

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Using Xiaomi Mi Band for a Indoor Navigation System

I have to use a Xiaomi Mi band 6 for receiving the BLE signal strength from some beacons deployed in a room in order to track user's position. My initial plan was to develop a wearable App that ...
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Using smartphone as a Zigbee end node

I am looking for a "presence" solution with in a 3-5 meter radius. It can be a always connected device or a beacon type (just transmitting signals periodically. It is does not need to be ...
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Choosing BLE beacons and gateways

I don’t get what is the difference between different beacons. For example, the Meeblue M52-SA costs 10 USD, approximately, and the Estimote Proximity beacon costs 25 USD. Both use Bluetooth 5, their ...
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How to find iBeacon Triggering Apps for IoT Devices Unrelated to Marketing?

I hope this an OK question to ask. I know it's a bit meta and vague, but hear me out... Ever since iBeacon technology came out, I've been hunting for reliable iOS apps that can trigger actions on a ...
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Maximum Bluetooth LE devices near each other without interference

I am planning to put 100+ Ruuvitag beacons(Bluetooth LE tranmistters) in a ~120m2 area. There will be approximately 1 meter distance between devices. I need to get their advertisements at once using ...
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What is the difference between beacon products [closed]

What is the difference between different beacon products from different companies? I want to develop iBeacon products, but haven't decided yet which to use. It seems to me though they are quite ...
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Can a Bluetooth tag (iOS and Android) send a push notification without the device being connected to the internet?

I have several Bluetooth tags, model "Onyx Beacon One". They can be controlled via the company's CMS. I can also switch them between Eddystone UID&URL and iBeacon. I can simply place two of them ...
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How does transmit power influence the accuracy of beacon sensor readings?

I have some Bluvision Beeks beacons equipped with temperature sensors. I can adjust their transmit powers. I am wondering if setting a higher transmit power for a particular beacon will result in a ...
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Is Bluetooth a good enough protocol for "lost my keys" beacons?

Bluetooth beacons for localizing lost objects are beginning to spread. You can locate them using an app on your smartphone (yes, and create an account, share on facebook your objects, ...) with a ...
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Connecting Proximity beacon with Mobile App

We are planning to implement a proximity beacon network which provides information to the users app based on proximity in the store. Our objective is to cover a radius of 5-7 metres. Which protocol ...
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