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For questions related to the use of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless personal area network in IoT devices.

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2 answers

Is MQTT protocol appropriate for transmitting sensor readings over BLE?

Assume that there are numerous weak sensors (e.g., Arduino level devices) which rely on BLE as means of communication and that these devices are connected to a more powerful gateway (e.g., Raspberry ...
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5 answers

Is Bluetooth a good enough protocol for "lost my keys" beacons?

Bluetooth beacons for localizing lost objects are beginning to spread. You can locate them using an app on your smartphone (yes, and create an account, share on facebook your objects, ...) with a ...
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Suitable wireless technologies for high density industrial IoT

I have a requirement to design M2M communication devices for a factory which has 1000 nodes (machines) within 100m of each other. The devices will be wired to get power and will transmit a payload of ...
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