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For questions related to Google Chromecast, an audio/visual streaming device for locally connecting computers to televisions.

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Can a 4th Gen Chromecast ("Chromecast with Google TV") work in a group with Chromecast Audio?

I have five Chromecast Audio devices which produce 3.5mm/optical audio output from one source. I also have a 1st gen Chrome TV with HDMI audio [the "keyhole" shape] which cannot play audio ...
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How to set up Google TV without remote

I have lost the remote for a Google TV device and after a factory reset I can't connect to it with the Google Home app on my phone. How do I make it work?
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Can a device like chromecast degrade over time?

I'm having trouble connecting to my chromecast in any apps. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it just won't work. I can see that it is connected to my WiFi network and I've read the very helpful ...
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No sound on Chromecast with Netflix

I just bought a new Thomson 32HD3331 TV and a Chromecast 3 device and I'm having a really strange sound issue in Netflix. For most films, I'm not getting any sound, but I do for a few (e.g. South ...
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Changing Input Source on my TV with Google Home

I'm using my big monitor in 2 modes 1) to work (Macbook connected via USB-C) 2) to chill (Chromecast connected via HDMI) There are problems with automatically switch the input source. When my Macbook ...
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Playing video on my TV with Chromecast, but an audio on my Smart Speaker

I have a TV with Chromecast 3 plugged in and an additional Smart Speaker (JBL Link 300). My Smart Speaker has a better sound quality so I would like it to be an audio output always, even if I ask it ...
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Router connected to a router: how to cast different things in each router? [closed]

My brother is my neighbor and we are saving some money sharing internet, but I don't want to share anything else, just internet. What I did is to pass a cable through the wall that connects his ...
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How to prevent other unauthorized users in the home from Chromecasting videos using the Google Home Mini?

Is there any way to prevent unauthorized persons from Chromecasting videos using my default YouTube account that's attached to my Google Home Mini? I wish my voice were the only one authorized to ...
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How to cast local video files from computer to TV using Google Home?

Okay this may be quite much, but I am trying to use Google Home to cast a video from my laptop (which I don't mind using for this sole purpose since it's old and unneeded) to my Smart LG TV which has ...
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Chromecast Doesn't Show Up

Today, I moved my Chromecast from one room to another, and when I tried to connect, my phone couldn't find it. I did a factory reset, but now I still can't find the Chromecast on either my laptop or ...
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Wifi wall volume "dimmer" switch to control chromecast audio volume

I want to develop a wifi enabled wall volume "dimmer" switch that can control the volume on a chromecast audio. I was thinking of using a Lutron Caseta switch and trapping the changes with a RasPi ...
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How to instruct Google Home to play YouTube videos from *my* playlists

Everytime I ask Google Home to play a YouTube video, it searches for (seemingly) random playlists that may contain that video... sometimes it doesn't. I have my own playlists, with a specific video. ...
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Can't have a reliable connection between my mobile devices and my TV both through Chromecast and Apple TV [closed]

I have a Chromecast and Apple TV connected to a Phillips TV through the HDMI ports. The Wi-Fi router is on another room on the same floor. The devices are Android phone and iPad Mini. I was able to ...
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