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For questions related to techniques for secure communication used in IoT applications. If your question is about cryptography in general, including the mathematics and properties of cryptographic systems or cryptanalysis, consider whether it would be more appropriate at Cryptography Stack Exchange instead.

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If hackers get ahold of your physical IoT device, what's the purpose of using secure/crypto-chips?

Trying to design some secure firmware here and running into a brick wall regarding the use of crypto-chips. We are considering using this one here: ...
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Why does LoRaWAN 1.1 use MAC-then-encrypt for Join-Accept messages?

In the LoRaWAN 1.1. standard it says on Page 16 "For Join-Accept frame, the MIC field is encrypted with the payload and is not a separate field". In other scenarios the message integrity code is a ...
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Possibility of integrating secure elements with sensor networks?

Assume we need to do a type of digital signature such as ECDSA with sensors used in sensor networks. So, is there a secure and possible approach to store the keys in these sensors? For example, is ...
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mqtt publish/subscribe key exchange?

I'm realy a newbie in cryptography, I want to do MQTT payload encryption with AES, i've done it with PyCrypto library, but i'm still wondering how I can encrypt AES key before sending it to the ...
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How can an end device authenticate with server using chain of trust?

Looking to add a cryptochip (Atmel ATECC608A) to a product that will be used to communicate with a company server. We want to make sure that only our devices are communicating to our server (...
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How is the IOTA cryptocurrency network useful for devices in the IoT?

I found out about IOTA, which is apparently a big solution for IoT But the info about feels a bit abstract to me. I'd like to know what are some specific actual real world use cases ...
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Is there any advantage in encrypting sensor data that is not private?

Some sites, such as this article on end-to-end encryption for IoT, suggest that all traffic sent across the IoT network should be encrypted, saying: Enterprises, government agencies and other ...
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Cryptographic algorithms for PIC16 microcontrollers

I'm planning to implement my own home automation system. In will contain the central Raspberry PI server and a number of sensors and switches based on 8-bit PIC16 microcontrollers which are ...
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