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For questions about the transfer of data between different devices and/or between different software on the same device

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When and why to use MQTT protocol?

I am developing a device which measures temperature, humidity and mass. Currently it uses HTTPS to upload data to a remote server. Now I know that there is a protocol called MQTT which is claimed to ...
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Can I implement ZigBee with generic hardware?

As I understand ZigBee is only a specification of a data transfer protocol. So I was expecting to find some library that implements this protocol to use it with my MCU and RF transceiver. Instead, I ...
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8 votes
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Why is 5G a plus for IoT?

I'd been hearing a lot about 5G recently from a few people I know, and one of the frequent claims that I heard was, "5G is going to be such a great help for the Internet of Things!" I may be a ...
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Should I use the MQTT protocol?

I am planning to start to implement the below IoT use case. Use case The IoT devices will send 100k messages/minute to the gateway via repeaters and the gateway will transfer the messages to the ...
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Raspberry Pi to send sensor's data to server continuously and receive commands from server

I would like to design a system using Raspberry Pi that sends the sensor's data to server continuously and receive commands from server. Will MQTT suit my needs ? Is there any way to do so if I use ...
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How can I push data from car-mounted microcontrollers to a remote server?

Firstly, I'm a newbie in the IoT field. Hardware parts are quite new to me. I want to make a small project. That is creating a box attached into a car that can keep track its location and temperature....
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5 votes
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MongoDB/Redis/CouchDB/Any Graph DB with S3 for IoT implementation

I have an IoT use-case (Should I use the MQTT protocol?) and decided to implement the SMACK architecture. I hope, Up and running the SMACK stack would be very much cost. Right now I am not expecting ...
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What type of server would be better for embedded TCP/IP communication?

We want to setup a server in the Azure cloud. But we have no idea what type server would be best for working with the devices which uses embedded TCP/IP protocol. Device is a 4G based OBD-II Diagnose ...
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