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For questions about the transfer of data between different devices and/or between different software on the same device

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Proper steps of data processing in an IoT cloud platform development

We are developing an IoT cloud platform with known components like Cloud Gateway, Stream Processing, Device Shadowing, etc... The question is what is the proper sequence of locating pre-validation of ...
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Sigfox Callback CustomValue's issue Sending NULL instead of wanted values

I'm working on a project, and I want to use a Sigfox callback to send some data. But when I want separate my payload as I coded it, all my values on Callback are NULL. This is my Callback, and this ...
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Using smartphone as a Zigbee end node

I am looking for a "presence" solution with in a 3-5 meter radius. It can be a always connected device or a beacon type (just transmitting signals periodically. It is does not need to be ...
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Receiving Data from MacBAT 5 in python

I need to be able to communicate with a PLUM-EVC, MacBat 5 from a remote server using Python. I have been given parameters, IP and Port which are required to get the data from EVC. I am completely ...
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Serialization scheme to adopt for a system

I'm designing an IoT system, and seeking to adopt a serialization scheme for communications across the entities (Cloud to Device communication, Local Communication,...) taken into consideration some ...
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Credit/debit card machine to send bill to mobile app after payment

Hi all I'm totally new to iot, I just wanted to know if it's possible to send the bill from a credit/debit card machine to a mobile app after a payment, would to be possible, if yes any specific ...
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Matter node behavior in Matter protocol

What is the difference between MQTT and Matter protocol? Can I send Matter message between two different networks if Matter devices using link-local address?
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How to capture Ultrasonic Cross-Device Tracking signals?

I found out that many devices as PCs, TVs, cellphones and more can use a technology called ultrasonic cross-device tracking. This means that there are ultrahigh sound frequencies which propagate from ...
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