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Provisioning and deployment of applications to IoT devices

I have a small growing fleet of IoT devices (upboards). They are all connected via ethernet to a server. Each device runs the same set of applications (java, python, nginx, ffmpeg) with their ...
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Does server running on local host constitute IoT? [closed]

I have created a network, using mobile hotspot (without internet connectivity), between microcontroller and pc.(intranetwork) The designed server right now works on the local host. Will this be ...
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out-of-the-box sensor nodes ready for deployment [closed]

I am on the lookout for sensor-nodes that do not require any DIY or sensor interfacing. Purpose This is because, at times one might just want to setup an IoT Network without having to program or ...
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node-red - Replicating message flows per MQTT subscribing client

I want a MQTT subscription client to consume messages from AWS IoT broker. On AWS IoT broker, wild card topic subscription is not supported. In our use case, we know the upper bound of number of ...
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