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For questions regarding the Domoticz home automation platform. Do not confuse with 'domotics', a general term for home automation (for this usage, use the tag [smart-home] or [home-automation]).

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Use cases of the "Release Event" on a smart switch

I have a Nodon Z-Wave remote (user guide). It has 4 buttons which can react to 4 events : Single press Double press Long press Release The three first are pretty straightforward. But the "release" ...
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Rearrange Z-Wave network

I bought a Z-Wave E27 light bulb to command a lamp from my PC for specific alerts. Obviously I had to plug it into the outlet to include it into the Z-wave network. During a few minutes it worked : I ...
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Z-Wave Device ID changes in Domoticz when battery is changed

When my Z-Wave door sensor's battery ran out, I changed it and checked if it still appeared in my Domoticz interface. The problem is that my device changed its ID and I had to redo all the trigger ...
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Reliable timers for always on/timed/off lamps

I have a ZWave light bulb and a ZWave 4-button wall switch, both connected to Domoticz installed on a Raspberry Pi. I'd like the following scenarios : Button 1 : lamp on for 30 minutes Button 2 : ...
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Is it possible to trigger Google Assistant to say things via 3rd party?

Basically I want to make my Google home device make an announcement when my mail arrives via Domoticz sensor. I know IFTTT can trigger Domoticz via web URL but is there a function to trigger Google ...
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Can I use IRC protocol to talk to devices instead of HTTP? What are the pros and cons of it?

If I want to automate everyday tasks in a house, where it best to use IRC instead of just web services? I searched in Google and didn't find any term of comparisons.
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