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Building bidirectional people counting sensor

I am trying to build a people tracking sensor for counting the traffic of a specific area (building or shopping street). I need to detect people coming in or out of a room, also if two people are ...
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How to differentiate the side of a door?

I would like to design a lock which will automatically open once someone is on a specific side of a door ("outside"). There are easy (software) and complicated (hardware) elements to take into ...
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Camera with doorbell separately that is connected to the server?

So I wanted to set up a camera that surveys every few second and a doorbell with a sensor where I can see the person when someone rings it. I wanted the camera and the doorbell are placed separately, ...
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Make ADT Door Sensors work with Ring security system?

Is there a way to modify ADT's Window and/or thin Door sensors in some way to work as door sensors for Ring's Home Security System? I am transitioning from an ADT security system to Ring's, but am ...
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Ring doorbell and echo dot interaction

I have a Ring Video Doorbell 2 and an Amazon Echo Dot. I cannot hear the chime of the doorbell throughout my home. There is an Alexa Ring Skill that seems to focus on the video. It technically does ...
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Door bell with Wi-Fi camera

I'm looking for a door bell with a camera I would prefer something like 180° fish eye with 4k, but I guess there is nothing on the market so 160° with FullHD should work too. Should I mention that I ...
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Modernise old door opening office system

Is there a way to relatively easily modernise an old door opening system in the office (like on the image) and make it work with IoT? Build an app to open the door (in the first place) and if possible ...
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Which off-the-shelf wireless door/window sensor can I easily interface with Home Assistant?

I am thinking of setting up my own home security system using Home Assistant. For motion sensors I'm going to build Wi-Fi MQTT transmitters using the WeMos board. But for door sensors I want ...
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