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For questions related to IoT devices that have edge computing capabilities, IoT infrastructures that uses considerable edge computing capabilities, applications and frameworks those are edge computing centric and aspects of edge computing when compared against cloud computing.

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Which problems with cloud computing make edge computing useful?

I recently read an article in The Register, Don't let cloud slurp all your data. Chew it on the edge, says HPE: The basic pitch is that HPE's gear can do compute on your shop floor without taking ...
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What are the differences between edge computing and fog computing?

In IoT, alternatives to cloud computing architecture exist which perform parts of computation in lower layers. Edge computing and fog computing are among these alternatives. What are the differences ...
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What is necessary to employ a edge computing architecture

I've been reading about edge computing and use of nodes to decrease the distance between data and the server and most articles suggest the need of cloud to do edge computing. However, some papers that ...
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Delayed IIO Sensor Readings

I am reading sensor data off of a Dell gateway, and noticing that the sensor data at iio:device2 seems to have a delay of ~1 second when reading using cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device2/in_temp_raw ...
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Is there an equivalent to the rsync toolset/protocol for the IoT world

Is rsync suitable for IoT devices to move data from and to the cloud? Is there an equivalent for devices that have an unreliable connection?
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