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Outdoor smart plug with real-time energy monitoring and notification

I live in Australia. I have a garden bore with an electric bore pump for garden reticulation (irrigation). The bore supplies water to taps (faucets) in the garden, as well as sprinklers that are on ...
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Lora Setup For Remote Projects in Sub-saharan locations

I am looking for some advice for setting up an IoT sensor network in remote areas. It needs to be as plug-and-play as possible as it will not be done by technicians... I work for an international NGO ...
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How to monitor old machines?

I want to Monitor/report 5 water flow meter. My current flow meters give pulse signals. Details Small data deviations, connection failures is not an issue for me What's the simple, cheapest, up-to-...
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PZEM-004 cheaper alternatives

I am an programmer, trying to monitor consumption remotely, I need some form of communication via cable to transmit (even if I trasmit it WIFi later), PZEM-004 for me is very expensive, and I don't ...
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A PhD researcher looking for guidance on IoT software development [closed]

I am a PhD researcher working on power systems of the future. My work focuses on energy management of distributed energy resources and providing services to the grid. Data acquisition and calculations ...
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How to change dell edge gateway 3001 gpio pin to analog

In dell edge gateway how we can change the gpio pin from digital to analog? It has Ubuntu core as OS. It has 8 gpio pins only some of them I want to make digital and some of them analog. I have ...
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Retrieve raw data from Smart Plug?

I want to monitor the energy/power consumption of household appliances (for example an oven) by using a smart plug. The problem is that I cannot get the raw data to my computer. The measurements are ...
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SCT-013-000 with Arduino MKR 1300

Has anyone tried to use this particular sensor (SCT-013-000) with that particular Arduino (MKR 1300)? Cause I keep getting different results when connecting Arduino UNO and then trying the MKR, both ...
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Are there any 'minimal' power meter data loggers?

I mean, a device that will just read, persist, and then push the data to a (my) server without having to buy a 3rd party software license. The data being, in this case, electrical generation/...
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Which UK smart energy meters can be used as IoT sensors?

I want to know which Smart energy meters from UK suppliers can or cannot be used in IoT home-automation environment. Mainly, if I can add them as sensors in my home networks (Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, BT)...
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How to connect Loop Energy Saver to Landis Gyr gas meter?

I've ordered Loop Energy Saver to monitor my energy efficiency at home, both devices for electricity and gas, however I'm having trouble with installation of my gas kit since my gas meter is different ...
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