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For questions about Fitbit activity trackers and their features. Use this tag for any Fitbit tracker, and specify the full product name/version in the question, so that it is clear to readers which device in particular you are asking about.

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Any way to format/reset/wipe a Fitbit Versa 3 via USB?

Is there any way to reset or format or wipe the fitbit versa 3 via USB or using a computer? I have a Versa 3 that's stuck in a boot loop, all attempts to factory reset or connect the device to the app ...
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Fitbit keeps dying when reacing step goal when >~50% charge

I have a Fitbit Alta and when it's around 50% charged (according to battery screen) or less and I get my step goal I find I can not turn it on. When I plug it in to charge, it shows the logo and the ...
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FitBit integration with Alexa; Play music when waking up

I m trying to integrate my Fitbit with my Amazon Echo. My goal is to make my Echo play music when I wake up in the morning. Is it possible to send a notification (or alert) via Bluetooth to my phone ...
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How do I stop the Fitbit Surge from storing GPS data?

I was reading about the privacy of Fitbit devices, and this Huffington Post article has a rather concerning point with regard to GPS-enabled fitness trackers: In certain cases, the government or ...
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How accurate is the calorie burn measurement of the Fitbit Charge 2?

In academia calorie burn gets measured about the produced heat in a closed system. How accurate is the Fitbit Charge 2 when compared against that gold standard?
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