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For questions about the general concept and implementation of fog computing. For the OpenFog architecture in particular, use the tag [openfog].

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Using RPC in IoT environments

I would like to use RPC for communication between fog nodes. As the connection between the nodes is wireless (802.15.4), I don't want to use an RPC framework that uses HTTP (like gRPC). I know that ...
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Is there any simulator for Container migration in the fog? [closed]

I'm trying to simulate a Container-based fog environment with a few servers and mobile devices. Devices connect to the nearest server and the service is implemented within Containers. Those Containers ...
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What is difference between fog computing and local computing

I read this paper: In the paper,it said Let "D_i" denote the computation tasks data size of the i-th EH device and O_i be the part for fog computing. Thus, the ...
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What are the differences between edge computing and fog computing?

In IoT, alternatives to cloud computing architecture exist which perform parts of computation in lower layers. Edge computing and fog computing are among these alternatives. What are the differences ...
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What would a "fog node" consist of in OpenFog?

The OpenFog Consortium, a group that is working on an open fog computing specification, has published a white paper about their architecture. They define a fog node as: The physical and logical ...
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