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For questions about geo-tagging functionalities of interconnected devices. Make sure that the ability to geo-tag is essential to the question rather than tagging every questions that concerns geo-tagging-capable products with this tag.

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How to triangulate phone position?

Description: I am trying to create a map to see how people carrying a cellphone move inside of a given region (e.g. a building). Since not everybody has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi turned on, I was trying to ...
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Advise on device to use when tracking a moving vehicle and pushing data to an API

I need to determine when a van leaves or enters a geofence range, and alert a system on my side - either via an API call or email sent - so that I can digest that data for later. My blocker is finding ...
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How does LoRa based geolocation work? How does it measure distance?

The speaker in the video Richard Lansdowne - LoRa Geolocation mentions straight-off that he won't be quoting an accuracy for geolocation using LoRa, and it's of course not the ideal signal you would ...
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Query my location from home

I have a service at my home, on a Raspberry Pi for example, which should execute depending on where I am (work, home, shop,...) Use case example : Send a reminder to somebody in my house but not ...
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Eye-Fi vs Transcend: Which card provides more accurate geotagging?

There are two leading companies in the Wi-Fi memory card market. I'd like to know how they compare in terms of accurate geotagging data of the taken photos, especially when travelling around in rural ...
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How to track a stolen Canon EOS camera using SDHC memory card?

A few years back I've purchased an Eye-Fi Pro X2 for my Canon EOS digital camera. Unfortunately, the camera has been stolen and at that time I had my photo sync disabled in Eye-Fi Center (which is ...
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