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Questions tagged [hardware]

For questions concerning IoT hardware, hardware recommendations, and hardware support. Read the full tag wiki before asking for hardware recommendations; there are specific requirements for a good question. Additionally, consider asking at Hardware Recommendations for general hardware questions.

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Running Philips Hue Entertainment with 3rd-party lightbulbs?

I bought this innr light bulb for my Hue system and it works just fine except for the fact that it isn't compatible with Hue Entertainment. As it turns out, no 3rd-party light bulbs are supported by ...
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InfluxDB in Single Node Embedded IoT Applications

According to the Documentation for InfluxDB v1.4, InfluxDB should be run on locally attached SSDs. Any other storage configuration will have lower performance characteristics and may not be able to ...
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How to use dedicated cryptochips

I have a chip that needs to send arbitrary data to a server that I do not control. We're using mbed TLS at the moment, however the binary is quite large. So, we introduced a dedicated cryptographic ...
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Devices wth Support for BLE Services 'Location and Speed' and 'Heartrate'

I need a BLE test device that supports at least Location and Navigation (0x2A67) 1 Heart Rate (0x180D) and optionally Health Thermometer (0x1809) Can anyone recommend one? Edit: I'm not looking '...
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Can IoT devices share their own capability/resources with another device?

Hello IoT Stack community ! I am sort of a beginner at IoT and looking for some guidance and help I am struggling to wrap my head around the following concept; Is it possible for IoT Device to share ...
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How to reset motes (Telosb) at same time?

I need to start the motes to let them run at the same time, then monitor their behavior by their serial output, the only observer is my PC. Except to restart the mote by pressing the reset button on ...
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Can I enable interrupts on GPIO16 of ESP8266?

Usually, the gpio16 is not used as gpio. But we can read the state or change the state by writing directly to the registers. WRITE_PERI_REG(PAD_XPD_DCDC_CONF, (READ_PERI_REG(PAD_XPD_DCDC_CONF) &...
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how can I find Java Card products?

I am searching for hardware to help me get started with passive NFC Java Card 3.2 technology. I can't find badges or tags or any kind of NFC product that advertises running Java Card 3.2. I couldn't ...
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How to Achieve Max Speed Transactions ( Transfers ) between Lora Packet Forwarder to Remote Server

I have a Lorawan devices that works as witnesser and beaconer. Simply it gets the Signal-Data from other same type of Lorawan devices. There is a Packet Forwarder software on that device OS and it ...
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Matter node behavior in Matter protocol

What is the difference between MQTT and Matter protocol? Can I send Matter message between two different networks if Matter devices using link-local address?
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How can I make my dumb TV bed lift smart?

I'm an experienced developer who is looking to make the foray into IoT hardware. I have written applications in C and C++ in the past and I'm currently interested in Rust. I have little to no ...
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UDP communication with XBee Wi-Fi S6B

I am an absolute newbie when coming to using these modules. I am trying to setup a basic UDP connection between my XBee S6B (UDP Client) to my computer (UDP Server). I have added my codes below. The ...
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Remotely controlled alarm

I would like to find, or if necessary, create a device that can be set to go off with a chime or alarm of some sort at certain times throughout the day. If that was all that was required, then no ...
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Mains circuit phase balancing relay?

I am looking for a device, like a special relay that would allow me to dynamically switch/move some of my home appliances between the 3 phases that I have on my mains circuit. Is this possible? The ...
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Are there still any cheap hardware solutions to providing IoT devices with cellular connection with the shutdown of 2g networks

I am currently attempting to design a small custom PCB based IoT business cards that communicate over a cellular network for the purpose of impressing employers. Since I will literally be giving these ...
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Guidance for a data logger and radio

I've currently been working with a consultant, whom recommended we utilize an architecture that is based off the Microchip ATMELAVR 8 bit Arduino framework. The board is called a Mayfly, picture ...
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mail in box detector

I would like to monitor my physical mailbox so I can know when something is inserted in it. The reason is this was an abandonned mailbox for years so people are used to put the junk mails in it (...
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Device for conferencing in Cold Storage

What is a cost effective way of doing conferencing in a cold storage? The challenge that I'm currently facing are bad network, long latency, delayed respond, and low quality of video.
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Which microcontroller should I select for my project idea?

I am an IT engineer but always wanted to learn electronics and IoT. I have a project idea in mind for which I am unsure which MCU should I use. I have previously used Arduino, ESP8266, and ESP32 for ...
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How to use DIY keyboard connected to spi (gpio) of single board computer

I want to build a diy keyboard which connect to the spi interface of the gpio header of the orange pi 5 (ubuntu/linux). So far I have some sketches of the keyboard, the schematic is in progress. The ...
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TFT screen shield worked and quickly quit

I bought an Arduino Uno board and the Elegoo 2.8" TFT Shield. I plugged them together. It just worked. Examples from Elegoo including graphicstest and displaystring worked great. Then I tried ...
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How to use the new tools to do development on my ancient Fez Hydra

I dug out my ancient mainboard Fez Hydra and am trying to use to do my hobby project. Upon reading the instruction, I found that it requires to install VS 2013. I have VS 2019 installed already and I ...
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