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For questions concerning IoT hardware, hardware recommendations, and hardware support. Read the full tag wiki before asking for hardware recommendations; there are specific requirements for a good question. Additionally, consider asking at Hardware Recommendations for general hardware questions.

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16 votes
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Is there a way to turn on large numbers of IoT devices remotely?

I have a lot of IoT devices that I am currently working on (read playing with). One of my biggest headaches is turning on the ones I need without climbing under my desk and plugging in a lot of wires. ...
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Reusing / recycling a Petzi Treat Camera?

A few years ago I helped crowdfund a Petzi Treat Camera to feed my pet. Due to a broadcast pushed firmware update that I missed, it was rendered unusable. Thankfully, they did however send me a ...
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24 votes
3 answers

How can I properly test my device's PCB antenna?

I'm in the middle of testing a Z-Wave device I created with a PCB antenna. I want to make sure that the antenna has a good range and the signal strength generated is strong enough and comparable to ...
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