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For questions about IoT devices that help establishing home security. If the question is about the security of the device itself use the [security] tag.

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Magnetic sensor NAS-DS01W0 (security concern about my network)

I am writing because I am a little unsure about a device I have just purchased and installed in my home network. I have bought a magnetic sensor to detect if a door is opened and closed. The model is ...
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Which microcontroller should I select for my project idea?

I am an IT engineer but always wanted to learn electronics and IoT. I have a project idea in mind for which I am unsure which MCU should I use. I have previously used Arduino, ESP8266, and ESP32 for ...
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"Open" home security systems

Is there a security system that allows input signals from different providers / systems and aggregates them? For example, it can use presence / motion sensors coming from ecobee and echo flex, ring ...
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Wifi camera support for Kindle Fire

Which outdoor Wifi cameras with internal memory (e.g. microSD) are supported by Kindle Fire? I'm looking for cameras so my 94 year-old mom with macular degeneration can watch birds at her feeder on ...
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Smart Locks with Alert feature

Are there any smart lock products that are capable of sending out alerts: Alert via text/email when lock is opened with code Alerts when lock is forcefully opened Alerts when lock becomes unreachable ...
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Is there a wireless video doorbell that will chime on Google Nest speaker?

Most smart doorbells (e.g. Google Nest Hello doorbell) seem to require a wired connection. The Ring wireless doorbell looks like the most popular but compatibility with Google Assistant looks poor. I ...
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Motion detector system that can be flashed remotely

I want to build a motion detector that performs a similar service to security services, which notify me upon intrusion and provide video feed. The other main requirement is that I can update the ...
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Timed Motion Sensor

I am wanting to setup an automated security function with our smart home setup. Does anybody have any idea on how to setup a schedule to enable a motion sensor during a specific time? I'm trying to ...
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Make ADT Door Sensors work with Ring security system?

Is there a way to modify ADT's Window and/or thin Door sensors in some way to work as door sensors for Ring's Home Security System? I am transitioning from an ADT security system to Ring's, but am ...
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Home intrusion detection system - UltraSync 1347 - reliability

Does anyone have information about UltraSync 1347, a system that allows you to control a home intrusion system remotely from your smartphone (receive alerts, arm or disarm the system)? I could not ...
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Which off-the-shelf wireless door/window sensor can I easily interface with Home Assistant?

I am thinking of setting up my own home security system using Home Assistant. For motion sensors I'm going to build Wi-Fi MQTT transmitters using the WeMos board. But for door sensors I want ...
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What kind of network security is employed in live streaming surveillance cameras?

Surveillance camera, such as the Nest Cam, provide live stream of feed. Now given such a device which is always connected and streaming what kind of network security model do such products employ? I ...
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Wireless Video Doorbell with ability to save recordings on a local server

I've been searching for a wireless (i.e. it has an internal battery) video doorbell which has the ability to save recordings onto a local server. All the ones I could find seem to only offer cloud ...
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How to limit SmartThings Lock to prevent accidental unlock?

I have a Schlage Connect Z-Wave door lock. I can control it via my SmartThings App but I do not feel secure knowing that someone who hacked my account or my phone can easily gain access to my home. ...
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My home monitoring camera sends me thousands of e-mails every day

I've got a Linksys Wireless Internet Monitoring Camera (WVC54GCA with the recent firmware), which I've setup at home. I configured it to send me 5 second short videos to my e-mail on any physical ...
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Repurpose ADT sensors

My wife and I just purchased a new house and the ADT Security sensors were still installed, but no keypad panel. After speaking with a Rep on pricing and logistics, we decided not to continue the ...
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