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For questions about HTTPS, the secure version of the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) that uses SSL/TLS to encrypt data.

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Can Tasmota be made to send regular telementry over HTTPS on an ESP32 board?

I typically use tasmota to send MQTT messages for (for example) temperature sensors to a host on my LAN - and I then have something listening to MQTT and processing the messages - however I now need ...
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HTTPS inside a LAN

I read this before posting. I hope my question is on-topic here. I'm working on an almost-IoT device that has a limited interaction with the Internet. Let's think about an "offline" product ...
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TLS Certificate life for IoT System

I'm developing an IoT product's software, where it runs HTTPS client. Given that the certificate of servers are renewed every year, it's not that issue while we're authenticating against the ...
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What IoT software/web-services can be used to implement the basic "IoT device->Database ->Frontend" architecture?

I'm looking for the simplest (i.e least components) way to create the data logging/visualization system with the following architecture: IoT Data (Plaintext HTTP POST) -> Database+data processing ...
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compute power for MQTT vs HTTP POST in cloud

Trying to get an understanding of the cloud side compute power comparison (and cost) for say 10,000 devices sending data to the cloud using HTTPS Vs MQTT. My co-worker says keeping 10k MQTT ...
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How to make a MQTT Broker and a REST API communicate?

I'm still very new to IoT and IoT protocols, so pardon my ignorance. I'm trying to go about creating a home automation system to control lights, read room temperatures etc. The user should be able to ...
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How to fix this problem "connection to this site is not secure"? [closed]

I tried to access this website many times, but it denied me accessing (only white page) as it shows in the attached file (screenshot) I tried installing Java, ...
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Are there Arduino boards that can be used as a small web server, supporting HTTPS?

I would like to control a relay from over the internet. I was thinking of making this using an Arduino and some wifi/ethernet shield. Searching the internet, I see a lot of shields and modules that ...
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Connect an esp32 with AWS MQTT with SIM800L

I am are trying to use a sim800L module to connect an esp32 running Arduino to AWS MQTT. I need to connect and publish and subscribe to topics. I am doing this successfully via WiFi. Not via the ...
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How do most IoT devices receive updates from SQL databases

With many IoT devices connecting to the internet to store information on large databases, I was wondering how they received data from those databases. For example, if I have a smart thermostat that I ...
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Sending an image to the cloud [closed]

I have a BG96 Arduino Shield module connected to an OpenMV Cam H7. I need to send the image to the cloud for further processing. I send each pixel of the image, and I can use HTTPS, UDP or MQTT. My ...
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Creating a Non Blocking socket for making GET requests

I am using an ESP32 with a MicroPython Firmware and want to make asynchronous HTTP requests such as GET request. I have tried using usocket but it did kept throwing OSError 128. I have attached my ...
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(how) can 802.15 access the internet?

Can I interface with my server's RESTful HTTPS API directly over 802.15? Or do I need a gateway? Any good overview/tutorial for 802.15 (not too in depth, just ot get an overview)?
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Stream ADC values from ESP32 over http

I have an ESP32 recording values from an ADC at a rate of 1 sample/second. I need the ESP32 to send new values to a device (let's say a smartphone app for now, eventually via a server), as they are ...
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Can I send messages from LORIOT to an HTTP web server?

I actually send data packet from LORIOT and TTN to Cayenne. I would understand if is possible to send instead data from Loriot or TTN to my custom http web server, if there is any procedure around ...
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Which IoT platform to visualize real-time and historical sensor data?

In order to prepare some tutorials for my students, I am working on a few DIY electronics projects in the field of IoT. I want to use ESP32, ESP8266, Arduino Uno, and Raspberry Pi. I am more deep on ...
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Which certificate to embed into ESP32?

I'm reading very different things about certificates in IoT. I'm struggling to make a choice on how to manage this. Here's the situation: I'm using ESP32 I don't have much storage available I need ...
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How does Homeassistant MQTT publish via POST [duplicate]

I am currently using Home Assistant MQTT publish service from this the link below Link: The URL is: https:///api/services/mqtt/...
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Can One-way SSL secure an IoT device?

I am considering an IoT device connected to my local network (default settings, no VPN, no NAT, no DMZ) with or without Internet access. My device will run as a HTTP server offering a RPC mechanism ...
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Can MQTT be used for queuing?

I am building a project which has the following requirements: My hardware device (NanoPi) should access a broker for a video key. The broker should have a queue which will hold the video keys sent by ...
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Can I use IRC protocol to talk to devices instead of HTTP? What are the pros and cons of it?

If I want to automate everyday tasks in a house, where it best to use IRC instead of just web services? I searched in Google and didn't find any term of comparisons.
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How would I use HTTPS on the web-based device config running an access point and no internet access?

I'm building a Raspberry Pi-based device for backyard gardeners that has a web page and access point for the initial configuration, including the Wi-Fi configuration. The connection uses WPA2 and the ...
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How can I prevent my device leaking sensitive data through traffic fingerprinting?

According to the recent paper A Smart Home is No Castle: Privacy Vulnerabilities of Encrypted IoT Traffic, many smart home devices can be 'fingerprinted' by their connection patterns. Since most ...
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Do I need to use MQTT or HTTP?

I'm working on a device that sense and collect information from the environment such as temperature, humidity, etc. The device is not connected to any power source, but it has a battery, and a solar ...
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Syntax for using HTTP GET with ampersand and float

I am currently working on a wireless gardening project and quite new to this field. My sht10 sensor is connected to Arduino Uno and GSM AT commands is used for wireless communication. I am using ...
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ESP8266 fast HTTP GET response rate

While starting programming my ESP8266 to get continuously changing data (car position) from a server, I encountered a problem: I can't get the ESP8266 to receive the data from the server more than 3 ...
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When and why to use MQTT protocol?

I am developing a device which measures temperature, humidity and mass. Currently it uses HTTPS to upload data to a remote server. Now I know that there is a protocol called MQTT which is claimed to ...
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