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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) tag is used for questions about ventilation systems which may also heat or cool the air moved. This tag should be used with questions about the monitoring and control of the devices that are part of a ventilation system as well as as the devices that monitor and control the quality and characteristics of the air, air quality. Typical use of IoT devices is to allow for remote monitoring of an HVAC system.

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3 votes
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Looking for thermostat with web interface, MQTT capability, not dependant on cell phone apps

Does anyone make a thermostat with (ideally wired ethernet) or wifi network connectivity where the device has a web gui interface that can be accessed and programmed with a browser (ie not dependent ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Wi-Fi Line Voltage Thermostat for Baseboard Heaters

Background A house has a handful of line voltage electric baseboard heaters (240V, 3600W). Problem Control the schedule and current temperature without connecting beyond a local area network. Hard ...
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5 votes
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How does the IoT reduce Bosch cooling costs?

I read an article recently from which outlines how Bosch has been implementing remote controlling of their A/C systems. One thing, however, I fail to see in the article, and ...
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