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Track a tennis ball moving at high speed

I am trying to track a tennis ball moving at high speed in a lawn tennis game. I am unable to figure out which approach would be best. I need to perform these detection on a jetson nano(or jetson nano ...
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Who can help me with the LIRC config for AEG Hood with Hob2Hood functionality?

Has someone already had success in retrieving the LIRC codes for AEG Hood with Hob2Hood functionality? I've allready found the following codes: FAN_1 0xE3C01BE2 FAN_2 0xD051C301 FAN_3 ...
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Building bidirectional people counting sensor

I am trying to build a people tracking sensor for counting the traffic of a specific area (building or shopping street). I need to detect people coming in or out of a room, also if two people are ...
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Advanced Universal Remote or basic home automation

I need an advice on sort of basic home automation. Let's say, I have 3 multimedia points in my home. 2 of them are TVs with attached recievers, players and game consoles, almost everything is network-...
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How to connect Raspberry PI 3 Model B to BLE Motion Sensor

I'm trying to connect my PIR motion sensor using gatttool and is giving me this error: pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo gatttool -t random -b B8:7C6F:1A:D8:24 -I [B8:7C6F:1A:D8:24][LE]> connect Attempting ...
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Control Samsung Smart TV (Infrared Remote) via Hue / Zigbee?

Is there any possible way to remote control my Samsung Smart TV (which has an infrared remote) via my Philips Hue system, which communicates over Zigbee? It seems like ORVIBO is producing such stuff,...
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What IR codes are emitted by Faber/AEG/Franke/Smeg... RC?

What infra-red codes are emitted by the depicted* remote control used by many hood manufactures (Faber/Mepamsa, AEG, Franke, Smeg, Airlux...)? Identifying the manufacturer of the remote control / IR ...
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