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For questions about interfacing different devices, especially where different protocols/protocol versions are used.

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OPC UA vs MQTT for internal interoperability

I am working on a project which will require networking with multiple IoT devices and sensors (scales, temperature sensors, actuated switches, etc.). I am familiar with the MQTT architecture, while I ...
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"Open" home security systems

Is there a security system that allows input signals from different providers / systems and aggregates them? For example, it can use presence / motion sensors coming from ecobee and echo flex, ring ...
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How can I build a network of 5 smartphones that log accelerometer data into a computer?

I would like to build a network consisting of 5 smartphones (preferably Android, if it makes any difference) that log synchronized accelerometer data into a computer (like a data-logger). How can I ...
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Does SenML provide any fields that describe the sensor itself?

I am trying to look into the aspect of sending meaningful information from sensor nodes with the whole field of IoT. Here, meaningful being context-aware. If I send information from a temperature ...
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How to convert messages between CoAP and MQTT protocols?

I am a master student and my topic is about making protocol conversion among IoT communication protocols for example between CoAP and MQTT in order to make the devices that use MQTT protocol to ...
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How does the Z-Wave certification process guarantee interoperability?

The Z-Wave alliance guarantees interoperability though their certification process on their main site: Z-Wave encompasses a broad ecosystem of smart products and services that work seamlessly ...
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