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For questions regarding the use of Apple's iOS operating system in an IoT environment

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iRobot vacuum cleaner wakes me up in the middle of the night because it starts vacuuming or annoying me with voice messages

I have two iRobot products Roomba e5 Braava jet m6 Both are connected to WLAN (but internet access is blocked) and I have the iRobot app on my iPhone. With "Braava jet m6" I have never had ...
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How can you send location based push notifications to all android/ios devices that enter range of an IOT device

I would like to send a location based push notification to all devices that enter a range of some kind of IOT device. for example I would have a device which sends push notifications to any phone ...
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How would I make a wifi alarm clock? [closed]

I was just wondering how I would create a completely custom wifi alarm clock, what are the things I would need in terms of IoT? I would want to control it via a custom built ios app. I am trying to ...
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Near real-time LAN device status without polling

I must develop an iPhone app to monitor a device. The device is a boat light control system. Using the iPhone app I can control lights on/off. Lights can be turned on/off from the device touchscreen ...
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Controlling one device using Alexa and Siri at the same time?

Can I have one device set up with HomeKit and Alexa at the same time e.g. a motion sensor, or a smart plug? I must stress I am asking whether it is possible to set up the device with the two services ...
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Using Raspberry Pi as USB bridge

I wanted to use my Raspberry Pi as USB bridge between multiple devices. We can assume that I want to connect my iPad which has POS software on it to my thermal printer. Most of star or Epson thermal ...
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How to setup time alarm as a silent vibration?

I've bought a smart bracelet (ID115 by LETSCOM) for its silent alarms as advertised: Wake you up peacefully with a silent alarm. Alarm Alert: Set silent alarms on the tracker to wake you up without ...
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Alexa App on Iphone 4 / IOS 7.1.2 - Can't find "alexa" button

I have an old iphone 4 that I want to use via wifi in my car to use alexa to play spotify. I installed the alexa app from the app store. Because the last version of IOS for the iphone 4 is version 7....
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What are the best / recommended approach for communicating or sending message between iOS/Android app to hardware / Raspberry Pi? [closed]

I want to have a hardware where it will send an occasional message or notifications to the mobile app. For example, when the hardware camera is now low on battery it should send a notification to the ...
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How do I disable phone ringing from my Tile?

When a Tile tracker is paired with a phone, double tapping a button on the Tile will make the phone ring. This happens even if the phone is on silent mode. I’ve accidentally rung my iPhone at work ...
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BLE only partially connected in iPhone? [closed]

I am trying to use BLE to send strings of data from a CSR8675 chip to an iPhone I am having problems pairing the chip with the iPhone for BLE communication, and need some ideas on how to proceed ...
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Can I run Unity AR on a single board computer instead of a smartphone? [closed]

Unity AR targets to Android and iOS. Are there single board devices that will run the custom apps created as if the device was a cellphone? The device does not have to make calls, just run the ...
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