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For questions about Internet Protocol addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6, and how they can be applied to IoT devices.

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Failed to connect to TCP server on ESP32

I wrote a TCP client in C and a TCP server in Python. The client runs on a ESP32S2 board while the server runs on my PC (virtual Linux OS) and both the board and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi. ...
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Confused: What is this weird IP address?

So I've been looking into NAT traversing for my IoT project, and I'm a little confused. Here's how it goes: When I go out to ask google "what is my public ip address?", I get an address like ...
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Named URLs on Local Network

How can I access my IoT peripheral device (raspberry pi B3+) on my local network in a reliable way? I want to use WiFi not BLE. I want to protect against the device getting a different IP when it is ...
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Why arp -a does not show all devices connected to WIFI? [closed]

I am trying to see the IPs of all the devices connected to my WIFI. Everyone suggests to use the command arp -a in the terminal but when I do so I get always the same list of devices. I try to connect ...
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Does a DDoS attack’s effectiveness depend on your bandwidth? [closed]

I read here: Network bandwidth is the capacity of a network communications link to transmit the maximum volume of data from one point to another over a computer network or Internet connection in a ...
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Can I connect to surveillance camera remotely without direct access?

For using ip camera you need to use app on your phone. When you setup camera you connect to it on your phone. But if you need to give somebody access to this camera, can you import settings from ...
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Change IP address of IP CAM using CMS software

I'm using IP camera - as an input for my IOT project. IP cam default IP is and in order to use it in my network I need to change its default IP. My network address is 192.168.3.x. ...
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How to connect 1 million devices over Layer 3 IP-protocol

I have edited the question after reading about MAC-to-MAC protocol (RMII/MII) here: My IOT device looks like a USB stick. I am building a datacenter for 1 ...
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Call home network IP from anywhere

I'm trying to connect with my NodeMCU through internet using a web app developed by me, what I already achieved was to control it through wifi in the same network using a static IP (which still wasn't ...
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Remote access through carrier-grade NAT [duplicate]

I have an IoT device that is connected via an LTE gateway. The LTE ISP uses carrier-grade NAT, which seems to be increasingly common and hard to avoid in the US. I need to access the device remotely ...
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How to find remote thing's IP address?

I have a physically remote thing. It's on someone else's network so I can't get a static IP address for it. What is the best way to track its IP address? I can imagine just publishing a "heartbeat" ...
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Connect Onion Omega2 to static ethernet [closed]

I can't get my Onion Omega2 to connect to my ethernet via a static IP address and two DNS addresses. To connect my PC, I have to set the following: IP address: subnet mask: 255.255.255....
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Why would IPv6 be necessary for the IoT?

I recently ran across this quote from Security Intelligence about the Internet of things and IPv6: Analysts predict that there will be 30 billion connected “things” by 2020, yet the IPv4 address ...
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