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For questions about LightwaveRF devices and apps. These devices use 433 MHz RF signalling.

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Schedule for Lightwave RF thermostat

I have a LightwaveRF thermostatic radiator valve, and a hub to connect this to the internet. Setting a schedule seems particularly problematic. This is the valve in question. I have the option of an ...
5 votes
2 answers

What is the nature of the partnership between LightwaveRF and Google Home / Amazon Echo?

I read an article recently from (dated May 21, 2017) which details the progress of the IoT company LightwaveRF. One thing I found very interesting in the article, and that is that they claim ...
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5 votes
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Configure LightwaveRF smart dimmer

I have installed a one-gang LightwaveRF smart dimmer to an overhead light that contains 5 dimmable LED bulbs. Having gone through automatic calibration, the light turns on and off fine at full power. ...