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Questions tagged [linux]

For questions relating the use of GNU/Linux based operating systems on IoT devices. If your question is about a general use or administration of Linux, consider whether it would be more appropriate at Unix & Linux Stack Exchange or Super User instead.

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6 votes
0 answers

Job / Run Loop manager for embedded device?

I'm in process of creating an IoT Prototype which runs (currently) on ARM processor with Embedded Linux. I'm trying to use existing technologies as much as possible: for example MQTT for external ...
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Is there a Linux distro (à la Open/DD WRT) for smart speakers?

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home are starting to become common. Is there a community effort to create an open source Linux firmware that can be run on them? I am thinking to something ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Delayed IIO Sensor Readings

I am reading sensor data off of a Dell gateway, and noticing that the sensor data at iio:device2 seems to have a delay of ~1 second when reading using cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device2/in_temp_raw ...
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Multi-admins/fabrics in Matter protocol

I am a newbie Matter protocol developer. I am trying multi-admins/fabrics features. Could you please tell me how many ways to add a new admin into a node? Is the way to add without re-open the ...
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0 answers

Is there any way to use scanner front panel to scan to linux?

I have a EPSON WF-3540 MFP. I want to use it to scan files directly to my NAS. As this device does not support scan to FTP or any other network share, I thought of using a lightweight linux device (e....
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How to use DIY keyboard connected to spi (gpio) of single board computer

I want to build a diy keyboard which connect to the spi interface of the gpio header of the orange pi 5 (ubuntu/linux). So far I have some sketches of the keyboard, the schematic is in progress. The ...
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0 answers

Orange Pi does not run from SDcard and get FF errors (but it works using integrated memory)

I recently purchased Orange Pi 2G-IoT. I bought a class 10 8gb sd card. According to the instructions of the oranges, I loaded Ubuntu onto the card. I connect to a PC via a CP2102 USB-UART converter. ...
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Can the relay be controlled over serial on the ESP8266 WI-FI?

I recently purchased an ESP8266 WI-FI which looks similar to this but is actually this one with the extra row of pins by the serial lines. I'm following along with the instructions on the first page ...
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