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For questions about the application and usage of machine learning in the Internet of Things. For questions primarily about machine learning models (e.g. neural network design), Cross Validated or Stack Overflow may be more appropriate, although questions about machine learning using data from the Internet of Things are likely to be on-topic here.

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Do Jetson Orin Nano-like systems with 8GB RAM suffice to experiment with large language models?

I would like to experiment with a platform that can run a virtual assistant (think e.g. so to perform tasks like speech-to-text, conversations, text-to-speech, image segmentation ...
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How can I identify what kind of IoT device is in my network?

I am trying to build a system in which IoT devices can connect and are classified without the need for manual checks by the system administrator. In this system, IoT devices will send data, and on the ...
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What is necessary to employ a edge computing architecture

I've been reading about edge computing and use of nodes to decrease the distance between data and the server and most articles suggest the need of cloud to do edge computing. However, some papers that ...
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Playing No Agenda HD on Apple iTunes through Amazon Alexa

Periodically, I'll try to listen to a podcast with Alexa yet always get the same poor result. Until today. Now, it plays something called "no agenda ep.5" from Apple iTunes. Which is ...
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Architecture for solution to Industrial IoT [closed]

I am trying to build an IoT solution for connecting industrial machinery(250 global divisions, with each division having about a dozen machines). I plan to capture and collect critical data regarding ...
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Automatic Compiling & Flashing of EFM32 Programs

I'm working a Machine Learning project, and I need to gather some data about the run-time of an EFM32 Microcontroller (EZR32LG). After gathering a small dataset and realizing I need more (A lot more) ...
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How does the Amazon Echo Look determine your 'style rating'?

Amazon's recently released its new Echo Look device, which is a modified Amazon Echo device with a camera added. One of the new features is a 'style check'. From TechCrunch: The device also works ...
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Will multiple simultaneous biometric sensors create unbreakable security for devices?

This article quotes the CEO of Image Ware, [The solution] according to Miller, is multi-modal biometrics which he claims makes it virtually impossible for the wrong person to access computer ...
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Is it possible to run and train a neural network on an 8-bit microcontroller?

I've recently read about neural networks in constrained environments (in particular, A Neural Network Implementation on an Inexpensive Eight Bit Microcontroller) and their applications to IoT devices (...
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