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3 answers

ESP32 CAM unable to use micropython and connect to the esp

I am trying to install micropython on my esp32 cam. I tried 3 differents ways to do it. First one command and putty I installed python and esptool with pip install esptool. Then I looked wich COM was ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Is there any solution to run any RTOS on windows/linux virtual machine?

I am writing firmware for different boards supporting FreeRTOS, Zephyr, ... My problem is when I am developing the firmware, I should run the firmware on the "real" device from the beginning and ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Unable to run micropython on ESP32-WROOM

I just took delivery of a trio of ESP32-WROOM-32 dev boards and am unable to get micropython to run on them. I've successfully flashed sketches from the Arduino IDE, but after I flash the latest ...
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Creating a Non Blocking socket for making GET requests

I am using an ESP32 with a MicroPython Firmware and want to make asynchronous HTTP requests such as GET request. I have tried using usocket but it did kept throwing OSError 128. I have attached my ...
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Can't Connect to ESP32 in AP Mode

I'm trying to connect to an ESP32-WROOM-32 in AP mode, using the following micropython code: import network ssidAP = 'WiFi_ESP32' #Enter the router name passwordAP = '12345678' #Enter ...
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