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Questions tagged [monitoring]

For questions about monitoring, aggregating and categorising data from sensors. This includes monitoring dashboards and analytics pages for Internet of Things devices.

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Door lock detection system

We have some doors that already have basic open/closed electic loop built in (micro switch based, unknown system, something like older version of
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Sensor suggestions for accurate drone speed testing

I'm trying to build a system that would allow me to monitor a moving object in real time, to estimate its average speed over a fixed distance. The issue is that the object is a drone, it can't be ...
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How to monitor old machines?

I want to Monitor/report 5 water flow meter. My current flow meters give pulse signals. Details Small data deviations, connection failures is not an issue for me What's the simple, cheapest, up-to-...
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Monitoring tools for IoT systems [closed]

I'm looking for a software tool for the monitoring of the IoT system in my building. Data inputs are accessible via MQTT or API requests (alternatively, directly accessing a InfluxDB time-series ...
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Ambient Light Sensor to monitor light levels in buildings for warranty post LED upgrade

We are a lighting service contractor that installs and maintains lighting systems and controls. I would like to be able to offer a system that can monitor light levels using a proprietary web portal ...
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Handle real time rule based events generated by IoT devices

I am working on IoT project in which I need to send alerts to users based on rules which already defined by user like if Temperature value matches certain condition then send alerts to users and their ...
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node-red - Metrics display with pm2?

The Node-RED documentation is clear - set metrics to true to track flow execution and memory usage information. So, I stopped Node-RED with pm2, edited the settings.js file and started Node-RED. But, ...
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IoT framework / dashboard with time lapsing capabilities and reusable device definitions?

I would like to implement a dashboard for monitoring device states based on elapsed time. This sounds strange, but actually it's about my fish tank. The filter contains of several materials, each of ...
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DS18B20 Oscillating Rapidly

I have an IoT device in the field measuring temperature next to a wind machine. See this video for an explanation as to what a wind machine is—basically a big fan attached to an engine. Last night, ...
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Are there any 'minimal' power meter data loggers?

I mean, a device that will just read, persist, and then push the data to a (my) server without having to buy a 3rd party software license. The data being, in this case, electrical generation/...
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How can I monitor, from the cloud (thingspeak e.g.), something not happening?

I have a few use-cases for this but I will use just one simple scenario as an example. I want to monitor my raspberry pi and make sure some tasks are completing properly. I want to add a line in a ...
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What is the difference between MQTT and Web Sockets, and when should I use them?

What are the major differences between MQTT and Web Sockets? When using IoT for home automation - control and monitoring access over different devices, which one of them should be used when Rest API ...
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How can I aggregate QS data from different sources on one and unique dashboard?

I would like to automatically aggregate QS data, biofeedback data and neurofeedback data from different applications into one dashboard. Data is collected from; Gear S2, Withings body scale, Withings ...
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What does the Lively Medical Alert Watch Monitor?

According to, the Lively Medical Alert Watch... ... allows remote health monitoring of your loved ones. The smartwatch can track steps taken as well as other kinds of daily activities,...
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