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For questions about the Nest Thermostat and its incorporation in IoT environments. This includes interfacing it with other devices to use the away state of the thermostat or using other devices to control the temperature controls of the thermostat.

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How to connect a nest thermostat with the heat link

I'm considering buying a Nest learning thermostat. As I live in the Eu, I understand this comes with the heat link. My question is: how one is supposed to connect the nest with the heat link, by wire ...
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How can I get a Nest Thermostat to report when the heater is on and when the cooler is on

I've seen settings for my Nest Thermostat to notify based on specific temperatures or when home or away, but I haven't figured out a way to get info on when the house is currently heating or when it ...
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How to prevent a nest thermostat from auto updating its firmware

I am having a problem where my nest thermostat doesn’t pre-heat until someone is home because we are using the home/away assist feature that sets the heat level to an “eco” temperature when no one is ...
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Do any of the existing smart thermostats have the ability to detect weather and suggest you open a window?

I'm sitting in bed with my windows open and my house is the perfect temperature. I do this every night I can up until mid may to save energy on my cooling bill. At the same time, I'm listening to my ...
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SmartThings Hub and Nest Thermostat

Is it currently possible to link a Nest thermostat with the Samsung SmartThings Hub? The Nest is not available in the list of thermostats to add, within the SmartThings App. However, is there at ...
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Can the Wink Hub 2 "listen" for away status from the Nest Thermostat v3?

I know that I can control a Nest thermostat from a Wink Hub (and app) by "pushing" commands to the thermostat (e.g. "turn up the temperature"). However can the Wink hub be notified when the Nest ...
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