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For questions about networks of Internet of Things devices and their administration, management and security. Consider using more specific tags instead of this where they apply, since this tag is intended for generic questions about networking itself.

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How do I avoid port forwarding when exposing IoT devices to the external Internet?

I received some good answers in the question What do I need to create my own personal cloud for IoT devices? and one of the things that I understood from there is that I need to "expose" my HUB or ...
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What is the typical network topology for an IoT network?

I see several questions asking about details of an IoT network, including this one about port forwarding for example. I think it would be useful to ask about what might be considered the typical ...
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56 votes
8 answers

Securing small home automation setup

I have a small home automation lab (that I keep saying I'll expand, but haven't). In this setup, I have a control system to control lights (utilizing the x10 protocol), blinds, a Nest thermostat and ...
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Can I monitor my network for rogue IoT device activity?

In order to mitigate or manage the risk from having some of the devices on my home network compromised, is it feasible to monitor network traffic so as to detect a compromise? I'm specifically ...
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15 votes
2 answers

How do consumer IoT devices typically enable Internet connection?

As far as I know there are 2 general methods for enabling remote (Internet, not LAN) access to IoT devices: Via a server that the device polls periodically (e.g. MQTT) Direct remote access I'm ...
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Extreme modification suggestions for a Wi-Fi enabled hairbrush?

L'Oreal have launched a Wi-Fi enabled hairbrush, which is an IoT device. I am wondering how I can repurpose it. I am looking for serious suggestions as to how I could modify it, or connect it to ...
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Could a blockchain really prevent malware in the Internet of Things?

This article claims that using a blockchain-based security system for an IoT network would prevent some types of attacks: Blockchain technology may help offer an answer. Gada observes that blockchain ...
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What do I need to create my own personal cloud for IoT devices?

This is a subject I have been thinking of for a while, especially because the "IoT" concept has been floating around a lot lately. I will start with what I mean when I say "IoT". I know that the term ...
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2 answers

Secure Home Network Partition for IoT Devices

What is the best approach to partitioning IoT devices from non-IoT devices at home? I have heard that setting up separate networks, one for IoT devices and one for everything else, is a good ...
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How Smart Home devices communication works

I have a big doubt that I'm not able to solve. Basically, I want to understand how the smart device that I have in my home communicate with their servers, or better, how their servers can call its ...
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How can I check if my IoT devices are infected with the Mirai worm?

I've recently heard about the Mirai worm, which infects vulnerable routers, IoT devices and other internet-connected appliances with insecure passwords. Mirai is suspected of being the cause of some ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Can Mosquitto support multiple brokers?

I've been considering Mosquitto for a MQTT message broker for a home IoT network, but I'm concerned that the broker could be a single point of failure which could bring down my whole network if it ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Is Bluetooth 3.0 suitable for a single-master multiple-slave network?

I have a data logger board with a SIM808 on it. It has Bluetooth 3.0 capability by the SIM808. The board itself implements a battery management system, capable of performing weight, humidity and ...
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How to select simple light weight IoT server for development?

We are exploring the different IoT use cases and solutions. In order to facilitate the exploration, experimentation, design, development and testing of possible solution, I am investigating the ...
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How can I interface a LoraWan network with MQTT?

I have been working on a project which involves creating a LoraWan network using: Dragino lg01 as a Gateway. An Arduino Uno and a Dragino Lora shield with a simple LM35 Temperature sensor As for the ...
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Is there any way to access local server from outside without port forwarding? [duplicate]

Situation I need to access an ESP8266's Wi-Fi local server from outside. Like Xiaomi Yeelight (YeeLight Introduction Web Site Link) or LOHAS LED (LOHAS LED Web Site), I have to control it from ...
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How can I push data from car-mounted microcontrollers to a remote server?

Firstly, I'm a newbie in the IoT field. Hardware parts are quite new to me. I want to make a small project. That is creating a box attached into a car that can keep track its location and temperature....
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