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For questions about IoT solutions that use Near Field Communication to communicate between elements. If you are not sure about the protocols in use, use tag [protocols].

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how can I find Java Card products?

I am searching for hardware to help me get started with passive NFC Java Card 3.2 technology. I can't find badges or tags or any kind of NFC product that advertises running Java Card 3.2. I couldn't ...
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What kind of 13.56 MHz NFC cards are there?

EDIT: when mentioning "cards" in the question below, I mean the kind of badges/cards you can but at Aliexpress that claim to be "magic" cards (or that ndo not claim anything and ...
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NFC - remove pass, write data, set pass

First I want to point out that I am a beginner with NFC tags. I use the NFC tools app and try to figure out what I can (and can't) do with the chip. In the application there is an option for locking ...
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Standalone NFC/RFID with WiFi/ethernet network connection

I spent many hours looking for a device for my iot project. So far, everything I find does not meet my expectations. I prepared two prototypes - one based on rpi zero and one based on esp32, but I ...
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NFC Reader PN532 works after executing nfc-poll

I use Adafruit_CircuitPython_PN532 to read the card id with a PN532 on SPI. After booting my pi my script doesn't work. However, when I execute nfc-poll in a terminal everything works fine. My python ...
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Calculate NFC Tag size to store static data

I'm trying to design a system that transfers the DateTime of entry and exit of people to another system. The data is log of records per week for each person and must be transferred once. These data ...
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Cloning an NFC chip, but with some modifications

Recently, I accidentally overwrote a bluetooth connection tag in a piece of technology. I have the bluetooth MAC address of the device, but after trying a few apps I cannot seem to find a way to write ...
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Choosing a microcontroller for IoT project

I'm currently working on an IoT project. The principle is to have a box that could connect to a phone over Bluetooth on some NFC contact. After the phone and the box will communicate messages over ...
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IoT based warehouse management solution [closed]

In our Group of Companies, we are having a Logistics arm which is running services for industry on following domains: Transport and Fleet Management Industry Warehousing We are looking for IoT based ...
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What would be the best way of authenticating users without password or username?

In our project, there are over 200 dummy users who are not very capable of using mobile technologies or computers comfortly. The project is essentially a MRP & Production Planning solution with ...
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Unable to read the memory from NTAG213 via PN532 [closed]

I am currently trying to write a few bytes from the PN532 to NTAG213's user-programmable memory and read back those bytes as well. The write and read happens when the PN532 detects the NTAG213 within ...
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Control a solenoid with NFC [closed]

I am trying to determine the components I may need to use an NFC sensor to control a solenoid. The amount of space I have to work with is very small - approximately 1 inch. The solenoid I have in ...
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Does Google Home support any NFC use cases?

The IFIXIT Google Home tear-down reveals the Marvell Avastar 88W8897 WLAN/BT/NFC SoC. Are there any known NFC use cases that the Google Home supports? Any announcements from Google if the device ...
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Should I use NFC, RFID or something else?

I'm a web developer - so IoT is not my speciality at all - and I've been asked to find the cheapest and most efficient way (in this order of priority) to build a gizmo for a sport event (can't be more ...
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How can I easily configure Wi-Fi on a smart device without a screen?

I'm making an IoT device that will serve a web app over WiFi which can be accessed to control it. I would like to make it easy to set up. For example, the easiest way I can imagine is as follows; all ...
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